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English Class

January 16, 2012

This blog will be used for my English 1102 class at Georgia Tech which focuses on digital rhetoric and civic engagement.  Our first assignments involved reading an article by  Emily Hanford explaining a new and more effective way of teaching.  It was about active participation and collaboration among the students to help them learn concepts.  Our professor explained that this would be the primary way that we learned in this 1102 class.

Then, we shifted focus to the content of the class to rhetoric by reading Lloyd Bitzer’s  “The Rhetorical Situation,” which explained the concept of rhetoric and using rhetoric to affect an audience.  Additional reading assignments since then have explained further what rhetoric is and how to effectively use it based on the situation and audience that we are reaching out to.

Aritsotle’s “Art of Rhetoric” was what truly explained how to effectively use rhetoric.  He states that using good sense, virtue, and goodwill are the most effective techniques to persuade an audience and went on to describe what each of those techniques entailed.

Lawrence J. Prelli’s “Nature of Rhetoric” explained where and when to use rhetoric depending on the audience.  Essentially he outlined the appropriate usage of rhetoric based on the context.  In some cases, precise language used can be helpful in conveying a message to the audience.  In other instances, it does not provide much more substance to help convince an audience

Overall, the concept of using rhetoric is now becoming more clear to me as a result of the readings and participation in class.


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