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Digital Rhetorical Analysis Paper

February 21, 2012

Over the last few weeks, we began working on a group essay analyzing a digital rhetorical analysis tool.  This was a very interesting process for me, since I had never collaborated with other people while working on an essay.  I was interested to see how different writing styles would come together and how each group member would contribute.  Luckily, the process went very smoothly.  Using Google Docs, our group was able to work on the essay without even being able to physically meet up together.  It made it a lot easier to split up the work when we could all add to the same document at different times.

There were some problems with our method of splitting up the work.  While we efficiently worked on the essay, it was hard to know what each person was writing about because we were each so focused on writing our own sections of the essay.  It also made the transitions between each person’s writing a little choppy.  It was a challenge to get everyone on the same page at times, but before long we were all up to speed on what each group member was doing.  Our writing styles seemed to have meshed together fine, with a few tweaks here and there.

There was a lot to be gained from working on this paper, and I learned important skills about working in a group.  We did a very good job working together as a team, but there were improvements that could be made for future projects.  One problem that we ran into was finding time in everyone’s schedule to meet up in person.  While Google Docs is a good way to work together on a document, it doesn’t fill the void of human interaction and collaboration.  In the future, it might be better to meet more in person and be in constant communication throughout the project.  That way we would be less isolated when working on our part of the project and it truly feels like a team effort.  I was thankful that all members of the group did their fair share of the work and worked hard to make the best project possible.  If the burden of the essay fell on one person’s shoulders, it would have been a problem.  I also liked that this project gave me an opportunity to come up with a structured plan on how to work on the project.  I look forward to using what I learned about working in groups in future assignments.


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