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Social Movement Campiagn

April 20, 2012

Our group has been working on the social movement campaign project recently.  We had been working on the presentation of our social movement campaign, but Keith, one of my group mates, got sick, and we were unable to present.  The power point presentation was finished, but we need to finally present it when we have all of our group members together.  The creation of the presentation went smoothly, although I was not as involved as I would have like to be in the making of the presentation.  I had 4 tests this week, and studying occupied almost all of my time.

The social movement campaign project we chose to use was a website providing detailed solutions to poverty.  We provided links to other websites involved in poverty relief that accept donations.  The reasoning for this was that we don’t think people would donate willingly to our web site without knowing where the money actually goes.  Another component of the project was financial advice column, where we provide advice to put people on the right track and make smart decisions with their money.  Additionally, a resume building “workshop” is included.  This section gave a few tips and tricks to write a strong resume to increase the chances of being employed.  Finally, we included a section on how other people can get involved and help fight against poverty, whether it is through volunteering or financial contributions.  This is where we hope to get a majority of the people viewing the website to get involved in our cause.

Hopefully, our digital solution to the problem of poverty is somewhat effective.  While we know that we cannot end a problem as widespread as poverty, which has existed since the beginning of time, we can limit its spread and help more people to live a better lifestyle.


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