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WOVEN Portfolio and other thoughts

April 21, 2012

The time is coming.  As I had been making preparations for my final exams, I remembered that there is still wrk to been done for English classes.  The WOVEN portfolio, the end of term assignment for all English classes, needs to be submitted sometime in the near future.  As much as it seems like a burden, I can honestly say that I’m going to find it interesting to look back on my work for the semester and see how I’ve grown as a student.  Hopefully my communication skills (visual, digital, verbal, and oral) have improved significantly, because they are important skills for any working environment.  I would hope that I know have the communication skills to succeed regardless of what position I hold in the future, when I have a job.

As much as English classes seem like a burden at a technical institute such as Georgia Tech, where most of the students are engineers and would much rather do math an science than write papers and read books, I can say that I can appreciate the skills that I learned being in this class.  Naturally, as an engineering student myself, I was not thrilled with the possibility of writing the 5,500 word white paper, among other assignments, and I had considered switching my English class to something easier.  However, I’m actually glad I stayed in this class because I learned a lot about collaboration and group work, effective communication, and of course, the topic of the class, digital rhetoric and civic engagement.  Coming into the class, I really did not know what this course would really be about.  Then, after learning about rhetoric and the important role it plays in our communication, I realized how interesting it was to study rhetoric to better my own means of communication.

Writing the WOVEN portfolio will give me a chance to actually see how I’ve grown and if I have really developed these skills.  Although this assignment seems like it would just be more work on my plate, I’m actually pretty interested to see how my semester has gone by looking at my work and analyzing it.


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