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Social Movement Campaign Presentation

April 23, 2012

Today, I met with my group to make some final preparations for our presentation.  Our presentation seems to be prepared well.  Our thought and slides are well-organized and we have everything that we need to say ready.  Since we could not present earlier because Keith was sick with the flu, we had to work around that and prepare our presentation accordingly.  However, we are lucky that we already had to submit out final social movement campaign project before our presentation.  Now, we can have an even better final presentation.  We worked on our final website yesterday and we able to finish it.  After completing our website, we can now integrate the website and give a brief tour of our website during the presentation.  The other groups that went before us were at a disadvantage because most of them did not already complete their social movement campaign artifact and did not have anything concrete to present to the class.  On the other hand, our group will have a website to present to our classmates, so we can show our artifact in action.  Tomorrow, we will show our classmates our website after presenting the problem of poverty.  We hope to show our classmates how serious of a problem poverty is, and hopefully we can start solving the problem by getting them involved.  Since it will be fairly difficult to get a large following for our website early on, we will need to get strong support from the start, hopefully by getting our classmates involved.  After the website gets up and running, perhaps we will be able to have an actual impact on the problem.  Tomorrow will be our opportunity to show our classmates what they can do to about poverty.


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