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Final Thoughts

April 26, 2012

I really enjoyed this English class.  I had originally planned on taking this class so that I could take a class with friends that I had made in the previous semester.  However, I realized in the first week of classes that this class would not be something that I could take lightly.  I had considered changing my English class only because I was worried about the workload after signing up for 17 credit hours for the semester.  Even after most of the friends I had signed up to take the class with dropped the class during phase II registration, I stayed in he class.  I’m glad I made the decision, because I have learned several invaluable skills that I think will translate very well to the work environment.  I developed several skills in working in a group that I would ordinarily not have learned outside of this class.  Since a lot of Georgia Tech’s education is centered around being able to work in groups and collaborate, I can go into future classes with a wealth of new skills.  I’m glad I had an opportunity to hone my leadership skills, as well.  Besides that, I found the reading that we did in the class interesting and I found myself actually preferring to do English work over my math or physics work.  This is a first for me, considering I have never been the kind of person to really appreciate an English class based on my previous experiences.  I am glad to see that this class actually has practical applications, unlike most of the English classes that I have taken throughout my education.  As I leave this class and complete my English requirements, I will carry the skills that I have learned in here and apply them wherever I can, because I really do appreciate all that I have gained out of this class.  I can safely say that staying in this class was one of my better decisions.


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